Feel the beauty of Nature

"We invite you to take a journey with us along the winding coastal roads of the Amalfi coast and discover the hidden azure bays and colorful villages. Watch the sparkle of the waves’ white crests as they break on the shore; fishing boats floating gently, and the glimmer of the rising sun over the ocean.”

The Founder's Note

From childhood Klaus Stenzhorn’s mother instilled in him a love for flowers. The Stenzhorn family’s garden was well known for its beauty in the little town they lived in on the banks of the Rhine river.

During his travels to Central and South America, Asia and the Caribbean there was one tree that caught Klaus’s attention because it produced uniquely shaped flowers, sometimes white, sometimes in a variety of vibrant colours. This eye-catching flower, Plumeria, also diffuses an intense, sweet fragrance in the evening.

The scent of Plumeria reminded Klaus of lily-of-the-valley which blossoms in his home town in late spring. Klaus’s mother’s name was Lily, so his thoughts often drifted towards her each time he came across these flowers.