Design at Focus : Iced Zeit


The pure might of Mother Nature, as affirmed by the Ice Age, became the designer’s foremost source of inspiration. Each piece in the collection represents those elements of nature that remain locked in ice form after millions of years.

Antartide Necklace

One of the most impressive pieces in the collection is the “Antartide” necklace, which takes the form of a wide strip around the base of the neck. It dons over a hundred “baguette” cut diamond, and sparkles with each movement, like reflections of ice. 



Stenzhorn Iced Zeit Concept Art


Another highlight from the Iced Zeit Collection is the Storm necklace, created using second skin techniques to feature soft twists of baguette and brilliant cut diamonds.  


Stenzhorn Iced Zeit Concept Art




Stenzhorn Iced Zeit Concept Art


Necklaces, rings, and bracelets conjure mighty stalagmites, ice cubes and other arctic elements at the heart of this frozen world.


Stenzhorn Iced Zeit Concept Art


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