Conceived by the Rhine river

The inspiration for Stenzhorn’s new Flumina collection springs from Klaus Stenzhorn’s family’s story.

Flumina means ‘Rivers’ in Latin and the heart of the Stenzhorn’s heritage originates from the region located between two, picturesque rivers,

the alluring Moselle and the bustling Rhine.

Moselle (Mosel), the River
The Moselle

River whose ridges are crowned with the vine’s odoriferous clusters!
River whose meadows are clothed by the grass with an emerald verdure!
Ships on thy bosom thou bearest,—a sea; a river, thou rollest
Let me sing to the close the praise of the glorious river,
Follow the sweep of its tide rejoicing along the green meadows,
Till in the waves of the Rhine it shall come to receive consecration!
Open, O Rhine! thy blue bosom! Spread wide thy green fluttering garments
To the new stream that with thine would mingle its sisterly waters!
Nor does it bring thee alone the wealth of its waters; but stately
Sweeps from the walls of the city, the princely that once saw in triumph
Father and son return from Nicer and Lupodunum.

Ausonius (c. 310–395)
Translated by C. T. Brooks


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