In the Floral collection, Stenzhorn’s signature invisible setting technique is used tocreate sets of poppy flowers.

Pendants, earrings and rings depict flowers in the wind, with their petals revealing the
flowers’ delicate sides.


Hortensia Is the flower that instantly lifts the spirits and brings joy; a tribute to the creative free will.

The dainty disarray of petals suggest playful gaiety while ornamental flowers appear like tightly packed clusters of exuberant jewels.


Visibly invisible jewellery 

Going beyond the current industry standard of ‘invisible’ setting, ‘A Fior di Rosa’ creations appear to be magically hovering on your skin, with nothing visible supporting them.

 This extraordinary result is made possible by the uniquely conceived “floating” gems setting, which allows stones to be singularly invisibly set at different levels and angles.