Snow White & Rose Red



In the tale of Snow White and Rose Red, two selfless sisters thanklessly help an accident-prone dwarf and are rewarded with treasure and the love of two handsome princes.

The white and red roses that grow in their mother’s garden embody their distinct spirits.



The contrasting facets of the girls' characters are in every detail of each piece.

Snow White, shy and quiet, is defined by a candid rosebud. At the center of the invisible setting carrè diamonds flower drops a Muse pear shape diamond.

The last petal is created in pave setting to underline the difference between the two techniques, and accentuate the glazed look of the carrè diamonds.



The lively and carefree Rose Red is depicted as an invisible set, blossoming ruby rose, surrounded by an intricate pave diamond stem, and sprayed with marquise diamond thorns.








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