Passion for Life

Dahlia stands out being a symbol of inner strength, grace and passion for life.

This bold and beautiful flower has made its journey through time full of adventure and perseverance.

Originating from Aztecs who were conquered by Spain,  Dahlia went on a long fiery road to Europe. For a while it was shining in Empress Josephine’s garden as her favorite exclusive possession, coveted by many, only then to be stolen to continue its conquest of the world.

In Victorian era Dahlia became a symbol of eternal love and everlasting commitment, being presented from one spouse to another.

Frida Kahlo chose Dahlia for her famous flower crown as a symbol of inner freedom and strength.

Stenzhorn picked Dahlia as a bold addition to the Floral collection, invigorating delicate Hortensia, Poppy and Daisy flowers with daring overtones of passion, perseverance and inner power of Dahlia.

Dahlia set consists of necklace, earrings and ring, and features brilliant diamonds, round and marquise rubies, that are singularly invisibly set, to form the flower’s spherical shape. This innovation puts Dahlia apart from the rest of the Floral pieces, represented by traditional Mosaic invisible setting technique.

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