Gives your daily apparel a sweet touch of elegant passion with Stenzhorn's Bee Mine collection.


Often appearing as symbols of love, honeybees also represent generosity, wisdom, gentleness and the defiance of limitations.


The honeybees of Stenzhorn’s Bee Mine collection are formed in mosaic setting or by using one semi-precious stone as a centre.


The body of each bee takes the shape of a heart to represent the sweetness of love itself.


Some sets use a single invisible setting heart shape, but always incorporate a gold bee detail to reinforce the collection’s significance of deep love and abundance.


Plump, heart-shaped bee bodies are carved out of pink tourmaline, rhodolite and citrine or are formed by clusters of invisibly-set emeralds, rubies or sapphires.


Semi-precious stone hearts allow the rings or bracelets of the Bee Mine collection to be stacked or mixed in different ways.


Add a touch of sparkle with our Bee Mine collection’s slender gold bands of rose gold, delicately sprinkled with diamonds.


Silicone sliders allow the Bee Mine pendant to slide up and down and the necklace length to be easily adjusted.