Bursting from distant lands and the deepest seas,
moments of colourful discovery in the life of Stenzhorn’s founder continue to fascinate and inspire us.
Through the soulful lens of these diverse experiences, art, culture and nature 
breathe life into the most extraordinary jewellery.

“I believe that to own a piece of our jewellery is to make an exotic corner of the world your own: 
from a fiery African sunset to the landscapes of the Amazon rainforest.”– Klaus Stenzhorn

Introducing two naturally adventurous collection themes:
Beauty of Nature faithfully captures nature’s timeless essence,
while the more abstract Art of Illusion conjures the natural world
through pioneering new technical advances.


“ The art of jewellery is my way of unveiling the secrecy behind Nature’s beauty.”  - Klaus Stenzhorn

While Klaus travelled through more than 120 countries, he gradually became fascinated by the myriad, ever-changing facets of nature. From red African sunsets to the green expanse of the Amazon rainforest, his eyes filled with the brightest of colours.

These collections are a tribute to the glorious beauty and intricate designs of Mother Nature's creations.  


“To master the greatest jewellery techniques is like a performance of an illusionist. 

What your eyes see changes at the touch of a hand, and transforms into something spectacular.” 

- Klaus Stenzhorn

It was not enough for Klaus to recreate the mesmerizing facets of Nature that he encountered during his epic journey. 

Passion drove him to push the natural boundaries of the most complex techniques, and elevate jewellery-making to the heights of true art.

These collections celebrate the magnificence of the most chameleonic jewellery techniques.


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